Eduardo Remírez receives an award as businessman of the year 2008

Press release interview

More than 350 projects in 17 years. It is the balance sheet of the career path of Eduardo Remírez, general manager of JMP Engineers and number one of the businessmen's 'ranking' of 2008 of "DATO Magazine". Remírez is a defending road surface of the territory and, in spite of receiving offers, sticks to a region that "can be a technological pole ". In fact, he states that La Rioja region "is capable of creating technology with guarantee of origin ".

Dato la Rioja: It seems that nobody is going to move him of La Rioja.

EDUARDO REMÍREZ: I try to bring together my work and my life. To obtain it it is not necessary that I move of La Rioja. I have never had problems to summon a meeting and that the interested parties avenge or I went to the site that is opportune. In La Rioja I have many things that to offer to collaborators and clients. The people want to come here, they are charmed with the standard of living that we have. Why am I going to resign it? In addition, the technology allows us to be relocated in Sotés, Logrono, Barcelona ..., and to work equally.

D.R.: in what point there is his participation in the project Aldebarán?

E.R.: It is in the phase zero. One has been employed at a 'brainstorming' with offer and defense of ideas. From Nájera Aerospace (Nasp) we have thrown to the Spatial French Agency more than 150 ideas: two of them already are approved. One is related to the hardening of a few memories that support the radiation in the space and other one is a system that allows to reject the batteries that are consumed in the launch of a satellite.

D.R.: what changes does he suppose Aldebarán in the aerospace sector?

E.R.: Con Aldebarán we propose to industrialize the world of the space. Few companies can allow send a satellite to the space. We offer them a launch with a notice of five days for ten million Euros. The difference with other projects is that our engineering demonstrates his insolence or rebelliousness with the established cánones. There are prerogatives in the aerospace sector that can be solved in a way different from the traditional one and that they prevent that many projects go out forward.

D.R.: to what type of initiatives does it refer?

E.R.: We have a lot of experience in the industrial world and can apply it in the space, where paradoxically, it has not been evolved so much since is thought. The current premise in the aerospace sector is that if something works it is not necessary to touch it. On the contrary, I believe that if it is possible to improve something, yes it is necessary to touch it. Aldebarán is a demonstrative project that tries to put in practical new emergent technologies. It is true that are less trustworthy for the present, but they ask for an opportunity way to be made and to demonstrate that they improve what exists.

D.R.: where is he finding more problems to carry out the project?

E.R.: It is very complicated to find the professional suitable profile for what we are developing. Nasp needs aeronautical, electronic engineers and of communications linked to La Rioja. Actually, it is not both the technical profile and the attitude. We need people with desire of learning and capacity of sacrifice because we go away to elbowing with the elite. In this epoch of the year we are closing many projects related to defense and communications that will imply the rapid need to bring more people.

D.R.: NASP is expected to develop a components fabrication plant which would be placed in La Rioja region. When do you expect it to start up?

E.R.: The plant is a phase after Aldebaran's project, which is a demonstrative project that will go until 2014 with the first launches from Galicia. It is foreseen that from him arise between ten and 20 lau