NASP shows the “Intelligent Avionics Power Bus” project performance to CNES and CDTI

A LIVE demonstration was performed to show the excellent capabilities of the system

NASP has shown the “Intelligent Avionics Power Bus” project performance to the French Space Agency (CNES) and the Centro del Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), which pretends to be an important milestone in the development of the different parts of the Next Generation Launchers (NGL) avionics, and more concretely in the development of its power management system. The project finalized last 21st of January 2010 with the presentation and live demonstration of its performance to the CNES and CDTI in our facilities located in the Centro Tecnologico de La Rioja in Logroño. Both institutions are currently evaluating the system and will continue doing so in the coming months.

In the line of the Space sector renewing process started by USA president Obama with the cancellation of NASA’s Constellation program and its support to the private sector, NASP has always bet for the idea of industrializing the Space sector, and therefore concentrated its efforts in overcoming project like the “Intelligent Avionics Power Bus” which is a clear example of new and innovative concepts for the sector.